Flexiteek - Decking for the future.  Flexiteek embraces all the beauty of traditional teak wood without all of the difficult maintenance, water damage, and color variations that occur over time and much more.  Flexiteek is the most practical alternative to high quality teak decking.

Flexiteek is a composite PVC based marine decking system with a surprising similarity to teak.

  • Looks and feels like real high quality teak
  • No screws - glues down to subsurface
  • Forms a water tight seal
  • Unique caulking strip eliminates time consuming tasks
  • Easy to keep clean, you can even power-wash it
  • Wet non-slip qualities are unsurpassed [Tested to ASTM D 4518]
  • Stain proof (red wine and fish blood will rinse off)
  • Low combustibility - [Flammability testing to AS/NZ 53837]
  • UV resistant - [Tested to ASTM G 154-00]
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduced noise (documented at 11 dB) and vibration levels 
  • Rain forest friendly
  • Lighter weight and faster installation than teak

    Possible trouble with real teak:
  • Color differences
  • Leaking plugs and screws
  • Leaking caulk lines
  • Water damage (often hidden underneath) 
  • Bad fittings
  • Water stains
  • Hard to maintain
  • Less availability of quality teak
  • Fast grown plantage teak is inferior 
  • Heavy
  • Hard step noise
  • Dropping objects leave dents