Teak it

Let Yacht Service Inc. increase the value and appearance of your vessel through the quality and beauty of tailored teak wood.

Why use teak wood? Teak wood has been the wood of choice for centuries when it comes to covering and protecting vessels. Teak wood’s rare beauty, unique grain, golden brown luster and strength have made it one of the most sought after woods in all of the world.

It’s versatility and strength enables it to be one of the only hardwoods that does not warp, crack or become brittle. It contains natural resin called technoquine that repels harmful insects such as marine borers and termites and is highly resistant to rot. Even in high humidity interiors, teak wood stands the test of time as it withstands conditions that would make other woods warp, twist and expand.

Teak wood’s natural oils enable it to remain stable after months of being submerged in ocean waters or unsheltered in the hot sun. Its high silica content provides great traction for you and your guests so that you won’t slip and fall as you might on ordinary pine or oak. Teak wood is truly the standard of elegance and superior quality in hardwood choices. Yacht Service Inc. is here to answer all of your teak wood questions.